Sunday, December 04, 2011

Birthday trip to the zoo!

I had such a fun day with my friends Mirjam, Ben, Merlin, Sander, Marloes and Rosanne in the Amersfoort Zoo, not celebrating my birthday! We saw some pretty weird things (Dead mice dancing! Merlin holding a tarantula! My granny doppelganger!), awesome animals and I got mooore amazing presents! Best day!

These otters were the cutest, they saw one of the zookeepers walking past and they got all excited and made such silly noises!

This is a crappy picture of THE BEST PRESENT EVER!!! I am not going to say more about this because it deserves it's own post. Soon! (Everybody looks so bored in this picture! Haha!)

Also got a beautifully illustrated Clive Barker book from Ben and a handpainted bear saucer (by Rosie herself!), awesome lamb and horse christmasdecorations and a very pretty animal poster from Rosanne!

This is a very funny picture of Sander looking all sneaky because he stole this cart from a little boy.


Gotta love dead things in jars!


All in all, great day and I love my friends <3


Thank you so much for reading my little blog and taking the time to comment! ♥

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