Monday, May 11, 2015

365: 099 - 110


099 - Vanillary makes shit days less stinky.


100 - my Lazy Oaf denture dress came in yesterday, just in time for Jaap's crazy dental appointment which went horribly wrong :') let's just say this day was spent in the hospital and it was NO fun. The dress is amazing though ♥


101 - Jaap was pretty beat up from yesterday so I just tried to make him feel a bit better with soup and dumb tv.


102 - trying to get some work done while garfield was staring at me with the creepiest grin.


103 - my easter tulips weren't as pretty as they used to be but I kinda like their weird transformation.


104 - working on my collab with I Love Crafty, making a mess.


105 - my bff sent me this postcard that I desperately need to find a frame for. Yes that's a little boy getting drunk on wine in a fairy ring. Ok.


106 - enjoying the sun in my jammies before work.


107 - my calathea is making babies!


108 - oh Stephen King


109 - starting this sunday morning with another emergency trip to the hospital because Jaap was doing really bad after his surgery about a week ago. He got some antibiotics and it all ended well, thankfully. But boy that was some scary stuff.



110 - yaaay Beem daaaay! Visited my mom because I just couldn't take it anymore! Things have been extremely busy lately so a day enjoying the sun and helping my mom out in the garden was just what I needed.

So eh yes, I got a bit behind. With the editing and making posts and stuff. But I didn't stop taking pictures! Promise!

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