Thursday, March 19, 2015

365: 071-077


071 - visiting Annika for some dinner and cuddles!


072 - the ultimate found water. Toes was pretty into this bucket of water we had waiting for our new aquarium.


073 - Toes was leaving us to live with P and N today. Things hadn't been going well between Toes and our other cat Emma for a while so we had to make the super shit decision of finding her a new home. When her new owners came to pick her up I was SO upset. Like bawling my eyes out. I never gave one of my animals up and I had gotten so attached to Toes since she came to live with us five or six months ago. So this was hard, really hard. Fortunately when Mim and I got to P and N's place and saw Toes fitted in so well, I'm totally glad we did it. Emma went back to her old dainty self and I know Toes is happier being the only kitty in the house as well, so it was absolutely for the best. So strange not having her around here though. She was such a presence.


074 - I tried cheering myself up by buying a shitload of plants. So happy with these hanging baskets from ikea!!!


075 - a nice quiet day around the house working on PONY PEOPLE stuffs in my pj's.


076 - Jaap and I took a trip to Den Haag for some thrifting and the gorgeous Charles Avery exhibition in GEM.


077 - so happy to see my friend Menah today!!! I didn't even realize how much I had missed her ♥

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