Thursday, February 05, 2015

365: 029-035


029 - carrot cake for lunch!

that one snowy day in january

030 - Jaap and I went out for a walk in the first snow of the year


031 - working on the new batch after work.


032 - so tired today. Wish I could have stayed in bed.


033 - super duper sucky day, still trying to do something sorta useful with the new clay kitties.


034 - Visiting my mom after work! Have been feeling extremely homesick lately so it felt like I could finally breathe again. I love how Brian still misses me and follows me around where ever I go.


035 - I stayed the night so I could have another full day here. I took a hot bath and cuddled with Sofie and it snowed and I took a million pictures and it was perfect. Needed that!

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  1. Fijne foto's om te zien. Zo'n winter wandeling zou ik ook wel willen maken. Helaas heeft het bij mij in de buurt nog niet gesneeuwd. Liefs


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