Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Life through instagram lately:
My mom got me this dude because I was feeling super bummer out, feeding my flufberen, this cutie makes my workspace smell like it's not snowing outside, Brian posing on one of my favorite things on the planet; this amazing handknitted super warm blanket one of my dearest friends made for me, a pretty new wolf shirt, stupid stores selling chicks for easter, this must be the cutest thing ever, my sweet old bitty, never resist a good glittery cat picture, Bemmel aka Emma aka CatBearPig! An allergic little kitty with bald spots and a chin that's a pile of scar tissue but oh is she the sweetest!, Henk the human skull, the cat stickers are also available in a smaller size now, and you get two of each! ~*drooling old cat not included*~

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  1. Ohh die schaapjes, Ohh die varkentjes, Ohh die katjes, Ohh die kuikentjes <3

  2. Jaaa leuheukkk!! Hoi Henk :D Hihi die laatste foto <3

  3. Oh, I wish the drooling old cat WAS included! Adorable!

    1. She's the sweetest thing! But thought my stickersets smelled a bit funny.

  4. Alle fijne lieve diertjes ♡ en plaatjes van lieve diertjes!

  5. awwww, al die diertjes, super lief :)
    en wat een toffe moeder, hihi!
    xo, cheyenne


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