Friday, April 26, 2013


Life through instagram lately:
~*scratchin', pretty Hong Kong stamps, friday morning plant shopping, went thrift shopping and found so much stuff I could barely carry it, and if that wasn't good enough I got 20% off of my entire purchase!!! I'm celebrating with left-over chinese and Bionina with paper straws , "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.", Can I Just Be A Cat, catkins (yes, my shoes indeed match my bike), found an abandoned nest of duck eggs! So cute. Get back soon duckling mom! Your babies are getting cold! (If she doesn't come back soon I might try to hatch them myself!), having so much fun with this commission, smize*~, the last few kitty zipper pouches are finally listed in my little shoppe!

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  1. die rietjes <3 en die schilderijen <3 en je katje <3

  2. Alles om jou heen is zo mooooooiiii! Hoe gaat het met de eitjes? Is mama eend nog teruggekomen?

    1. Haha of ik laat de lelijke dingen gewoon niet zien ;)
      En ja! Gelukkig wel :D ik heb net foto's van haar gemaakt, post ze morgen! :)

  3. ik vind het zo jammer dat ik geen prik lust... die bionina-glaasjes zijn zo leuk <3

    1. Ik vind het zelf de enige lekkere frisdrank <3 En zooo lief inderdaad!


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