Monday, February 25, 2013

Count Your Blessings #35

What made me feel blessed this week:
uniorcs, going swimming with my nieces and nephew, a Long-tailed Tit in our garden!!! (which is only my favorite tit and I have been hoping to see one in real life for aaaages!)!!!, cleaning, drawing and painting, THE BEST IDEA EVER EVER EVER, delicious pecan/blackberry/pear cake, out with the old; in with the new, daffodils and other bulbous plants, my brother adopting three super duper sweet bunnies from the shelter I work in, going for a walk in the woods and the fact that I'm going back to bed now because I have the flu.

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  1. Jou bureau is echt awesome!! Zo druk maar eigenlijk ook weer niet :D.

  2. Beterschap!

    (Hoe vind je de eekhoorn? Net wat voor jou ;)

  3. HIHIHIHI je zei Tit ^_______~

    <3 je mooie fijne foto's


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