Monday, December 24, 2012

Count Your Blessings #26

What made me feel blessed this week:
work work work, and ooooh finishing all of my work and finally having some time for myself most of all, oh it's sooo greaaatttt sleeping in and wearing something other than my paint covered painting clothes, reading in the middle of the day, watching movies without working at the same time, going to see the Hobbit with my mom, Katrien looking like the cat from hell while yawning, the My Life As A Turkey documentary which was probably the best thing I have seen in ages and actually made me cry and so much more motivated to do all the things I love to do, comfort food, working at the animal shelter, Bram, my space heater, drawing, reading Under The Dome by Stephen King, biking, fancy ass pasta, my cat tea pot, Gilmore Girls, eating aaaalll the lychees, the mess that is my workspace, listening to my favorite Sparklehorse album, cards.

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  1. Jaaa eindelijk vakantie! Well done you! :)
    & Ik moest echt heel hard lachen om die eerste foto :'). Props voor lieve Katrien trouwens ook dat ze er zo evil uit kan zien! Had ik nooit achter haar gezocht! ;)

    1. Dankuuu <3
      En haha ja dat hoofd van dat scheve hertje zeker he?

  2. zo leuk die gekleurde pasta :D
    en hoera voor vakantie! geniet ervan Anne!

  3. Oh wat een fijne blessings. Enorm fan van de pastaatjes en de poezen theepot :-)


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