Monday, December 10, 2012

Count Your Blessings #24

What made me feel blessed this week:
Snooooowww!!!! Oh how I love snow I mean, I totally get that it sucks if you have to travel and stuff but when you work from home and live in the country like I do, It's pretty damn awesome. Everything smells so good and looks so pretty and I love wearing moonboots (and I wear them all fall/winter, even when there's no snow in sight but it's nice to actually need them) and feeding the birds and my little doggy Sofie get's all excited, and knitted hats! And mittens! And more knits! And and and. Mmmm snow
But also; putting up christmas decorations, small birds, work, running into Jamie of de Groene Meisjes wearing the tote I made her! I love seeing my work in public!, celebrating Sinterklaas with Mirjam and Ben; watching Sint with homemade gluhwein and speculaas Pietjes, Brian, reading (I'm reading Under The Dome by Stephen King at the moment and it's craaayzaaay!), a huge shaggy ink cap, a few of the best thriftfinds of my life (I need to make a finds post!), finally getting somewhat near the end of the endless commission to do list, Gilmore Girls, Miss Marple, working at the animal shelter, sweaters.

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  1. Mooie foto's weer bb! Vooral dat koolmeesje, en Brian in de sneeuw <3
    & Under the Dome is awesome hè? :))

  2. Prachtige, winterse taferelen!


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