Friday, October 19, 2012

Count Your Blessings #17

What made me feel blessed this week:
most of all; this life I have going on right now. I do complain about it sometimes, like how my life seems to revolve around Pony People and nothing else, how I don't have a steady income, or how I feel censored by the fact that you guys actually read my stuff. But you know what? I love it. I love my quiet life. I love animals, I love this little blog, I love sewing, I love sitting behind my computer watching movies while painting, I love getting a little better every day, I love having a slow social life, I love how this blog restricts me from talking about the negative. And when I stop to think about how I pretty much started this thing (for realz) in july of this year, I feel pretty damn blessed for how things are going.
But also; fall, apple pie scented candles, the changes I have made to my workspace (I really really enjoy being there at the moment), this song by Rue Royale, rewatching some of my favorite movies, pumpkin soup, family, sleep (or: my bed), great thrifting finds, loads of tea, helping my mom out with taking care of the animals (I never really did so before, but I've started feeding them every day since a few weeks and I love it so much, I have a totally different relationship with the animals now), my paint covered clothes, using loads of Lush Lemony Flutter as a lipbalm, the lovely lady of Pony Chops featuring one of my totes on her awesome blog, cutting stickers and making buttons, pressed plants.

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  1. wat een fijne blessings :) en fijne kleuren

  2. Klinkt heerlijk! Fijn dat je geniet van je rustige (creatieve) leventje! Dat is wat telt! :-)

  3. Misschien moet ik ook beginnen met Count Your Blessings. Goede manier om stil te staan bij de dingen in het leven die cadeautjes zijn. Soms vind ik dat moeilijk, maar eigenlijk zijn er genoeg momentjes dat ik ook het mooie zie. Zou wel fijn zijn als ik al die cadeautjes bij elkaar heb en makkelijk kan terugvinden als ik het nodig heb

  4. het is soms ook gewoon makkelijker om bij de dingen die minder zijn stil te staan!
    maar dit klinkt allemaal inderdaad zeer zeer fijn :)


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