Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waterdag - The Loot

I would like to present to you; my haul from the Waterdag fleamarket! It's not much, I was able to restrain myself from buying EVERYTHING like I wanted to, but I'm pretty excited!

The huge cat is my favorite. I've been looking for one this big for ages! I might repaint it though, he looks a bit grumpy. Got the bird figurine for free!

DVDs! I'm especially curious of this The Raven horror flick. The others were just missing in my collection.

I'm in looooove with this mushroom book from 1929! I've seen a lot of these books around thriftshops but they're always so expensive. This was pretty cheap and I'm absolutely smitten with the hand-pasted mushroom illustrations.

Gotta love Ren and Stimpy!

Spiderman joins the craziness.

My favorite finds from this fleamarket trip, these gorgeous Alice in Wonderland books for my collection!

These are in french and have the most amazing illustrations!

One dapper fish.

The yellow one is my favorite of the bunch, it's adorable! The one on the right doesn't have illustrations on the inside but is written in awesome oldschool dutch.

Also found another flower press, this one is fairly large so I don't have to cut off the stems!

Really happy with this original typecase too! It's pretty big and the compartments are just the right size! It does have some stains here and there so I'm thinking of painting it powder blue? Or lavender? Not sure yet.

I think I've spent about 15 euros in total, maybe a little more, so it's a pretty nice score!



  1. Aaaah die Alice In Wonderland boekjes! <333 En dat paddenstoelenboek :D

  2. Wauw, wat een leuke spullen! Die illustratie uit Alice in Wonderland met al die dieren in een kringetje is fantastisch :)

    1. Hihi ja die is ook mijn lievelings! Vooral die uil met bril! :)

  3. Mooie buit voor 15 euro :-) Oh en die Alice in Wonderland boekjes! Leuk!

  4. Star Wars! <3 En ik ben jaloers op je houten bloemen pers, ik zoek er wel eens naar in kringloopwinkels of op MP maar ik kan er nooit één vinden, zo jammer!

    1. Ja! Zo mal dat ik die nog niet allemaal op dvd heb! En oh echt niet? Wat stom! Ik heb er inmiddels 4 haha :$ 2 van marktplaats en 2 van vlooienmarkten. Ik steel ze dus steeds voor je neus vandaan ;)


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