Sunday, August 12, 2012

Count Your Blessings #7

What made me feel blessed this week:
making tomatosauce from our own tomatoes, going to the Artis zoo in Amsterdam with my three nieces and nephew, this ADORABLE sheep I cuddled for about an hour, Timmy finally feeling somewhat better (they almost had him put down so this is such a blessing), the best calendar with baby animals I bought at Artis zoo so I can have a bit of an overview of the month (it's helping so much already!), an enormous to do list, finding mushrooms in silly places, sewing dresses, giving myself weekends off, sunshine, reading, making headbands from thrifted lace, dragonfly friends, drinking red wine outside in the dark with my mom watching the bats fly by, cheap but high quality nailpolish, thrifting, fresh brushes, shooting film, painting with gouache and sleeping in on sunday with two of my darling cats purring happily beside me.

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