Saturday, August 04, 2012

Count Your Blessings #6

I had a very unusual week. I didn't sleep much, got sad news, the weirdest things happened, I had a bad mood and it was just, blergh. Still, and this is why I love this CYB project, even in a week like this I can find a lot of things to be happy about, which instantly makes me feel so much better.

What made me feel blessed this week:
Drawing cats and a dog, procastinating, a good day with my bff thrifting and going to a Lush VIP, (smelly) dead birds, cuttings off said bird's feet to put in a jar, getting film developed and being surprised by what came out, minty water, my glass of rosé casting a pretty rainbow on the table, coffee from silly mugs, the cutest article about me on the Groene Meisjes-blog, the little sleep I did have, my horribly sweet cats, sewing new dresses, a full moon, finishing my cross-stitched frog pillow, wearing my jammies all day long, making and eating the best pizza I ever had, sweet emails and tweets, working on getting my life together, wool from our own sheep, thunder and lightning (dance magic dance!).

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  1. die stof is echt fantastisch! en wat fijn dat je toch nog zoveel leuke dingen kunt opnoemen :)

    1. Ja he! Hij is inmiddels een jurk en ik ben er heel blij mee :D

  2. Oeeeh ga je nog iets leuks doen met de wol? spinnen?

    1. Jaaa! Mijn moeder heeft een spinnenwiel en is het aan het spinnen as we speak! Dan gaat ze er zwart/wit gestreepte sokken van breien voor mij :D


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