Friday, July 27, 2012

Frog Blog pt. 2

I had to say goodbye to my little tadpole friends, they had developed so much I felt like I needed to let them go in order for them to survive. When they get arms and legs they develope a hunger for meat too and I wasn't planning on killing fruitflies for them so they had to go. I loved taking care of them, watching them change was amazing and I hope they grow up to be awesome frogs. They are in a pond nearby now, so I get to think of them every time I hear a frog croak And maybe I'll make some new frog-friends next year?



  1. They're so cute! I feel sad for you though because you had to say goodbye to your friends :(

    1. I know right! Like teeny tiny salamanders <3
      I miss them already!

    2. That's exactly what they look like! You poor thing, but you did the right thing and there will be more next year right?


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