Monday, July 02, 2012

Fish and other animals

When I was having my Volendam Expo, Mirjam came to visit and to check out the scary village of Volendam. A lot of smelly fish, big boats and ...folkloric costumes! We could not resist and got one of those awful pictures taken. We laughed so hard we almost peed our stripey skirts. After this epic affair we took the bus to Amsterdam to see and pet some animals, have a perfect pizza & prosecco picknick and listen to the brilliant Black Atlantic. It was a good day.



  1. Dat ziet er zoooo fijn uit! En awww dat geitje <3 en nu heb ik trek in pizza ook al is het pas kwart over 10...

    1. Was het ook echt :) de Zoomeravonden in Artis zijn echt een aanrader! En argh ja erg hè, die pizza was echt zó goed.

  2. mmmmm Pizza Bakkers, altijd goed! :)


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