Friday, June 15, 2012

Nest-fresh Baby Swallows!

GUUYYYSSSSS! The swallows in our horse stable finally got out of their nest! We have baby swallows every year and it is THE BEST! They make the cutest sounds and I love when the mom gives them flying lessons off the roof I've tried to look at them while they were still in their nest when they just hatched but the mom kept trying to attack me and I really didn't want to make her nervous. Plus the nest is pretty high and I have the biggest fear of heights haha. But! They got out! And they are still so fluffy! And horribly cute. The one in the middle may be a bit angry with me though...


P.S. Please excuse the grainy quality of the pictures, it's really dark in there and I snapped these pictures rather quickly, I didn't want the mom to get anxious. And I am sure you can still tell how horribly cute they are!


  1. OMGGG zoooo cute!!
    en die middelste op die laatste pic!
    evil bird of doom

  2. Aaaaaaaaawh zo lief! Wat woon jij toch in een paradijs! + HAHAHA ik las 'and I love when my mom gives them flying lessons off the roof' :''''')

  3. Replies
    1. Jaaa lief he <3 De mama ging ze net voeren en je had ze moeten horen, zoooooo een lief geluid <3

  4. aww! de middelste op de laatste foto is inderdaad not amused, haha.

    1. Haha ja grappig hè, hij bleef me maar zo aankijken :')

  5. Wat een heerlijke blog heb je. tof :)


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