Thursday, June 07, 2012

Lately - flowers, mushrooms, small animals, beans & a cat.

My last walk through the flowery fields with Sofie. They have been mowing so there are pretty much no flowers left. Makes me sad, like I didn't enjoy them enough. I know I did, though.

Found some cute little mushrooms in the middle of the field. I dried half of them and put the rest in my flower press. I'm curious to see how that works out!

Almost killed this pretty little guy with my flower press! It's so hard to believe that even a creature this teeny tiny has a little heart and a little brain! My magnifying glass came in very handy, I loved studying him.

Same goes for the smallest fish I have ever seen in my life! Found this guy (dead unfortunately) when I was cleaning the tadpole tank.

Soaking beans from our garden! They made an amazing veggie chilli. I should post the recipe, it was the best I ever had.

Such a clumsy little fellow. He kept falling off just to climb up again.

My beautiful old queen, I love her so much. I hate that she is getting really old and restless, looking for a place to sleep all day, but nothing seems good enough.

I hope you all have a great day!


  1. ahhh dat visje <3
    ik vind jouw dagelijks leven echt zo leuk om te zien. fijn veel beestjes, :) :)

  2. Heel mooi! Ik geniet altijd van je blogposts!
    Dat mag ook wel eens gezegd worden toch?
    Ga er vooral mee door.

  3. Wauw wat een mooi klein visje! Ik ben ook heel benieuwd hoe de gedroogd paddenstoelen er uit zien :)

    1. Ja ik ook! De lucht gedroogde zijn een beetje mal geworden, misschien omdat ze zo klein zijn en heel vochtig. Ben benieuwd hoe die uit mijn bloemenpersje worden! :)

  4. Oh dat visje, wat is dat lief en klein ooohhh <3

  5. Ahw, dat visje! Naar die paddenstoeltjes ben ik ook wel enorm benieuwd :)


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