Monday, June 11, 2012


1: My tadpole babies are doing really well! They have grown and changed so much already and they LOVE cucumber! 2: My hair is going to be prehehehetty!

3: Working on a small grasshopper illustration for an old friend's schoolproject. The project is about different interpretations of beauty. 4: Salad-jar break!

5: I was having the best nap-in-the-grass of my life, when this dude woke me up because he wanted to be fed. 6: Oh sunshine

7: Hello new friend 8: Rob asked me to make his girlfriend a custom kitten tote as an anniversary present, so I did! Happy anniversary guys!

9: And nothing else. 10:

11: Spent the entire day on the water with my family best day ever! I need to get my own little boat asap! 12: I haven't worn this dress since I made it in november last year. I'm not sure why I didn't like it, it's pretty cute?

13: Naw! Charlie brought me bones! 14: Nothing makes me happier than a big smelly animal encyclopedia with beautiful fold-out illustrations ♥

15: Drawing a bushbuck. 16: O hai sofa! I've missed you!

17: This boy sat on my lap for the first time ever today! He's a slow learner but I love him for it. 18: New dress! Made from vintage linnens I thrifted for pretty much nothing.

19: Working on a three-spined stickleback 20: So many tiny mushrooms in our field, do any of you have experience in drying them?

Pictures are clickable!


P.S. My username is PONYPEOPLE, if you ever wanted to find me.


  1. Wat een fijne foto's! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar je haar, laat je het snel zien? Wat zijn die kikkervisjes lief en wat lekker dat je salade in een potje zit. Ik doe ook altijd alles in een potjes. Sinaasappelsap, hummus of ranja. 8 hoekige potjes, grote of kleine. Mijn huisgenootjes bewaren hun potjes zelfs voor mij, ik drink er graag uit :)
    Je bloemenbandje is fijn zomers en je jurkjes ook! Mooi :)

    1. Wat lief allemaal, dankjewel :)
      Ik hou ook heel erg van potjes! Ik spuit de dekseltjes vaak mat zwart en dan schrijf ik daar op wat er in zit :) ik bewaar alles in die dingen. Eten en gummetjes en haarelastiekjes en alles wat er nog meer in past!

  2. jeetje, dat laatste jurkje is mooi!
    wat tof dat je zoiets kan maken (: zelf geleerd?

  3. I just found your blog and wanted to let you know your artwork is amazing! Will be following along! :)

  4. Oh my gooodness, I found your blog through your ad on Scathingly Brilliant and I am SO glad! Your illustrations are beautiful. That's so exciting that your cat sat on your lap! Up until this past April I had a cat who was mostly an outside cat, and when she decided she wanted to stay inside at night and hop up on the bed, I was ecstatic.

    Have a wonderful day!
    xo Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥


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