Friday, April 13, 2012

Silence of the Lambs.

A few days ago they moved a lot of sheep to the land next to ours, which gives me extreme mixed feelings. On one hand; OMG SO MANY CUTE LITTLE LAMBS AND I CAN SEE THEM FROM MY WINDOW! Which makes me so very excited obviously. But on the other hand; I know what they are going to do to those cute little lambs and I really really dread the day that day are going to take them away. I can not handle the sound of those mothersheep crying. I really can't.
But! Let's make this a happy post, 'cause lambs are horribly adorable and I went into the field to take some pictures this morning! The mothersheep wouldn't let me come too close (I love how they stomp on the grass in a "You Shall Not Pass" kinda way) but close enough.

Our land is separated from their land with a very thin fence and both our sheep and their sheep keep standing very close to the fence like they are talking to each other! So cute to watch.



  1. Replies
    1. Ja echt walgelijk he! En ze hebben er gisteren nog meer gebracht! Ook nog kleinere. Echt verschrikkelijk.

    Dat hoofd van moeder schaap :D

    1. Ja he? Ze was echt super op haar hoede en bleef me aankijken :) heel lief beschermend.


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