Friday, September 16, 2011


I have this huge love/hate relationship with instagram. I LOVE the people I follow (such great artists) but I HATE the whole omg-look-at-this-oldschool-filter thing haha. Seriously, I can't stand most of those filters. The one I used above is the only one I kind of like. But, to get to the point, I upload loads of my daily pictures on instagram (my username is PONYPEOPLE) and I thought I'd share some of this week with you!

1. Planking cat! 2. Drawing the very last PPDD, my catfriend Brian 3. Goodbyee crazy dark roots! I dyed my hair brown with Lush Henna (I used a mix of caca maron and caca brun) 4. My first day of work at ZigZag Studio's! I will be working on a fully painted animation there, a lot of fun! 5. Penguin tights! 6. They have GREAT stuff at the studio! 7. All work and no play 8. Starting to love my brand new brown hair! 9. Look who I ran into! 10. I love Timmy so much <3

Words and Pictures Anne

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