Saturday, April 07, 2012


1: Sunny Amsterdam 2: I love my new (to me) pretty pink floral dress!

3: Going to bed early after a long long day, both me ánd Brian! 4: Another evening of animal research.

5: Mirjam and Ben were off to Belgium for a couple of days so I watched their kitties! 6: Chalo won't let me watch The Big Bang Theory (or knit or read).

7: Brian missed me as much as I missed him! He was really mad at me at first ("first you leave me alone for 2 nights and then you come home smelling of other cats!") but he was all over me not much later. Words can not describe how much I love this silly cat. 8: The cutest little jackdaw flew in through our chimney and refuses to get out again!

9: I wipe my brush off on my pants to get rid of excess paint and it's starting to make a pretty pattern! 10: I'm so tired I could cry but the sofa-deadline is in a couple of days and I think I'm going to make it!

11: I made this crazy plastic/chair construction to cover up my still wet DAC sofa, which the DAC dude will pick up tomorrow. I'm pretty sure one of my cats will sit on it anyway, tiny bastards. 12: I'm trying to cut fabric here...

13: This stuff is just as disgusting as it is DELICIOUS. 14: I designed this shirt (back when I still used the 'Birdy Don't Fly' name) for Tjunk and it's for sale now! Go check, it's super cheap!

15: Miia and her crochet hat, channeling the fabulous fancy lady she is. 16: I just bought these pretty lace curtains for my workspace and I am extremely excited! Can't wait to hang them for real (I ductaped this to the ceiling to see how it would look haha)!

17: I also bought a lottt of fabric which I really want to store in one of my thrifted suitcases but Katrien won't let me. 18: Such a fun day drawing with my dear dear friend and amazing artist Menah

19: On my way back I found this GINORMOUS dead cockroach in the middle of the street! In the centre of Amsterdam! It's in a tin in my bag now. 20: Of all the dresses I've made, this is by far my favorite!

Pictures are clickable!



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